Two Sydney artists, Kamaliza (ex-Olympic Ayres) and Third Floor, have teamed up to create a brand new project they are calling Night Tales, and this week they have their debut single to share with us which is being released via Majestic Casual Records – off to a pretty good start I’d say!

This track has such a deep infectious late-night groove that makes me so very grateful these guys decided to start making music together.

“We wanted to create and explore more dance floor focused music, but still stay true to the DNA of our individual projects. The result of this super duo project has enabled us to bring out a more moodier yet passionate side of our creative minds.

Our music is fuelled by unspoken emotion. Its almost as if we are discovering what the song is about along the way. Step by step we begin to carve out the characters and qualities of the song that best fit the emotional direction. Where words in our everyday life fall short we try to let our music speak” – Night Tales

promoted by Mammal Sounds

‘Move You’ is just the first introduction to Night Tales, and if you want to join them on their rise to fame & fortune, best hit them up on the below socials!

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