Well this is a pleasant surprise….over the weekend Australian dance-pop crew Empire Of The Sun dropped a new five-track ep called “On Our Way Home” which features two brand new songs – ‘On Our Way Home & ‘Two Leaves’ – as well as their 2016 single ‘Way To Go’ (taken from their “Two Vines” album), which also comes with a Cornelius remix, a Gomez & Tritter remix, and a Nobumichi Asais directed music video.

“We are back and we come with a labour of love and the might of our two hearts, we bring to you humbly with our hats and helmets in our hands. This EP represents us, including a song that is straight from the forest and the name of Two Leaves and a very special remix by the one and only Cornelius. As well as lots of other joys and a video made in Japan by the wondrous master of visual arts and beyond” – Empire Of The Sun 

“The On Our Way Home EP” is out now via Universal.

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