‘Doubt House’ is the latest single from Irish producer/multi-instrumentalist EMBRZ, a dreamy new electro-trappy treat that is sure to push a few buttons in many of you with its big beats, dreamy melodies and progressive dance music stylings.

“I originally wrote this song on the guitar and then turned it into an electronic track. Its definetly fun to collab with a vocalist, but I do have a soft spot for writing my own lyrics. I think it makes a song more personal. I wanted to find that balance between something energetic but also something calming and atmospheric. I’m really chuffed with how it turned out in the end” – EMBRZ

‘Doubt House’ is available everywhere now via Slow Down Records., and if you live in or around his hometown of Dublin, you can catch EMBRZ at The Button Factory on November 17th – click the artwork below for more details

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