Australian producer Third Floor is back with another great new track this week called ‘Lost in You’, which has him working with fellow producer and good friend Olsen, as well as singer-songwriter Boswell for his smooth, dreamy vocal sounds.

‘Lost In You’ is in-fact the first instalment of a new series that these three artists are launching called “Dream Funk Vol. 1”, with the next single/edition being slated for release early next year.

“The song is about the intense, exciting and apprehensive emotions about falling in love with another at such a rapid rate. Despite our instinctual self-protective measures to hide our feelings, internally we are exhilarated. There is however, an internal conflict of keeping those feelings to ourselves, or being vulnerable and laying them all on the line.” – Third Floor

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‘Lost In You’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, and it also comes with three very tidy reworks by Third Floor and Olsen themselves, as well as a high-energy uplifting remix by their good friend DLE.


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