Just a few weeks ago Michigan-bred producer Shigeto released a brand new album titled “The New Monday”, delivering an impressively diverse nine-track collection of genre bending sounds.

From jazzy influences to hip-hop/rap elements, dancey techno beats and spacious electronica, this album is sure to push a few buttons in many Shigeto fans.

“It’s focused on a couple things and they all kind of come together to represent different things. My time back in Detroit, back living in Michigan and spending time with a lot of kind of original people who have always been here, learning from them, hearing stories from them, being influenced by them, and inspired by them.

I don’t want people to think I’m leaving anything,” says Saginaw. “I’m still me. It’s a result of me being immersed in the culture, and inevitably making music that is influenced by that culture whether it be house, techno, jazz, rap. It doesn’t matter. It’s all coming from what I love about Michigan.” – Shigeto

‘The New Monday’ is available everywhere now via Ghostly International.

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