Fresh from his previously released track ‘Shelter’, British producer MJ Cole has dropped yet another smash hit that will add an extra pep to your working week.

‘Pictures in My Head’ is a slow build kind of track with delicate piano melodies and warping synth-heavy choruses.

“‘Pictures in My Head’ started out as an instrumental sketch – powerful, stripped back and direct. It uses hard, simple sounds, which gives it a sense of space and colour,” MJ Cole said.

The song details the dreams and imaginations of a girl wrapped in romance featuring an unknown vocalist, whose alternative vocal stylings blend really nicely with the melancholic verses and big choruses.

“It felt like the right time to release something a little more pop-based with a harder edge after the lush and deeper tones of ‘Shelter’. I’m always looking to keep the goal posts as wide as possible, stretch those boundaries, move things forward,” he said.

I’ve played this song three times already; it’s super catchy and I love it. Press play now.

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author: Kara Bertoncini