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Ohio artist LuvAbstract is back this week with great new electro/RnB-pop tune called ‘Driveway’, which is also just the first taste of a new ep he has planned for release before the end of the year.

‘Driveway’ is an uplifting song that communicates the innocence of such a powerful moment; a goodbye that perhaps was a little too premature, failing to do or say what you really wanted to in those few seconds…something I’m sure everyone can relate to

“This story was written about me. Everyone has been in the situation where they want a few more moments to gain the courage to kiss that person. This song is a representation of how I felt during this date with ‘her’. 

The song starts off with me driving to her house after our date. I still remember everything from that night. From the song that was playing on my broken radio, to the route we took to her house. The second verse is the build-up to that perfect first kiss. I nervously walked her to her door, and even though it was only a few steps, it felt like I was walking miles. I wrote this song in the hopes that listeners could relate to my personal experience.” – LuvAbstract

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‘Driveway’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, and be sure to stay tuned for LuvAbstract’s new ep in November!

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