Hot damn. I’ll be calling James Chatburn all day every day if he’s gonna serenade me the way he does on his latest track ‘Darling I Missed Your Call’. I’d almost excuse the fact he didn’t pick up if his voicemail was something melodious!

This track is a smorgasbord of jazz, R&B and pop at the most expensive buffet you can think of. It’s seriously getting me hot all over and feeling some type of way as it plays. I’m talking that dirty synth bass, gritty guitars, titillating trumpets and a sexy strut-like beat.

Think Prince meets REMI and you’ve got Aussie smooth operator James Chatburn. Even though he now calls Berlin home, he’ll always be our boy. Look, I really can’t say much more other than to press play and add this to your love making playlist.

I’ll say it again; hot damn Mr Chatburn!

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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