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Australian producer Jack Grace has released a pretty impressive new single this week called ‘BE4UGO’, and if you’re a fan of Four Tet, Radiohead & James Blake, then this is going to be right up your alley.

Over the past year or so Jack Grace has been building his name as a reputable producer, scoring successful releases for Ngaiire, BUOY and Christopher Port, and now as he begins sharing some of his very own original material, we start to get a sense of just how talented this guy really is.

“BE4UGO”is about being in love and full of doubt. It¹s less pessimism and more desperation. When you feel every time someone walks out the door it¹s the last time. As I was writing I let the form mimic the way a typical shallow thought cycles through my head on repeat, it resulted in less song, and more idea.” – Jack Grace

‘BE4UGO’ is available everywhere now via Of Leisure.

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