Back in 2015 New Zealand producer Introverted Dancefloor released a very cool self-titled debut album which I still listen to on a regular basis, so I was pretty excited to see that he has a brand new 7-minute track to share with us this week!

‘When I’m Lonely’ is the name of the new tune and it also comes with this weirdly-cool Rowan Pierce directed video of a male dancer (Kosta Bogoievski) moving and contorting his naked hairless body to Introverted Dancefloor’s chilled-disco electronica – it’s quite hypnotically erotic

“For this video, Rowan Pierce (the director) and I wanted to use dance to represent a person being overwhelmed by loneliness and crushed by the weight of the world. Something light and breezy. We wanted it capture the attention of the viewer, but also be very minimal, voyeuristic and creepy.

In essence, it is a study of a dancer’s body in motion. We worked with Kosta Bogoievski to develop the concept. We started from a place of stillness and built up to repetitive movements to represent Kosta being compressed by immense weight. When filming, Rowan focused on the details of his body in motion to show muscles and skin through a plain and objective lens.” – Introverted Dancefloor

‘When I’m Lonely’ is available everywhere now via Carpark Records.

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