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It’s the simple things in life really; pho, sushi, good times and bangers. And being a good person of course. Well, this pretty much sums up beat lover OPIUO and in the lead up to his homecoming appearance at The Pleasure Garden, we thought we’d find out what’s been going on this past year, and where the heck the bangers are!!!!!!

We’re drawing to the end of 2017. What has been standout moment for you either personally or professionally this year?
I would have to say Red Rocks in Colorado with my band was a highlight not only of this year but my whole life! It’s the most insanely beautiful and spectacular venue in the world. I’ll never forget that night.

You’re knee-deep in a North America tour. How’s it been treating you?
I’m on the road with some musicians and crew I love and respect, playing incredible venues across the whole country, to extremely wild and responsive crowds. Life couldn’t be better!

What’s been a tour highlight?
Quality sushi. Quality humans. Quality dance.

How has your live show developed over the years?
More than I thought possible to be honest. From a simple laptop setup with one basic controller, to a fully functioning live band, to a comprehensive current solo set up with multiple drum machines, synths and laptops. I tour so much I need to keep myself busy and entertained just as much as entertaining the people rocking out in the crowd. So I keep it as live as possible, switching up how songs are played all the time to make every show totally different, and also keeping myself on my toes!

You’re making your way back down under for The Pleasure Garden. Any surprises up your sleeves for festival-goers who head along to your set?
A LOT of brand new music and new ways to hear anything you might already know making it one giant party!!!! Live all the way baby!

It’s been a year since we had any new releases? Are we to expect some fresh bangers at your Pleasure Garden set, or perhaps in the new year?
Definitely LOADS of fresh bangers! I’ve put out some remixes this year, for the likes of Griz and also Harts, but I’ve been super deep in studio lands working all year on my newest release (actually releases) coming out in the very near future!

Who’s catching your attention right now in the electronic music space?
I saw Jade Cicada last week and that was dope!

What’s your new year’s resolution?
Continue to be the best person I can be. Share knowledge. Be generous. Eat more pho.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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