One of Melbourne’s best kept secrets Flamingo Jones has dropped his sophomore EP ‘Lazers In The Jungle’ full of tropical dance that will be the perfect addition to your upcoming summer playlist.

Drawing comparisons to Jagwar Ma, Flamingo Jones takes a significant step forward in an endearing collection of four summer drenched tracks that are impossible not to fall in love with, transporting you instantly to a beachside soundscape through summer influenced instrumentation with a central focus on intricate percussion combined with entrancing vocal melodies.

‘North (We’ll Be Warmer Up There)’ begins with a cut-off sampled vocal line that is beautifully coupled with crisp harmonies that leads into pulsating tribal drumming that sets the jungle scenery. What stands out through this introductory track is Flamingo Jones’ ability to truly master his own vocal production with crafty production effects placed upon the enticing melodies which are layered upon each other in those aforementioned harmonies that rise to another level as the story goes through its inception.

The ultimate combination that you never would have expected occurs in ‘Melbourne Hi-Life’ – tropical dance and AFL. Flamingo Jones provides a perfect podium of instrumentation led by an infectious guitar riff which is combined with the bongo percussion that drives the Caribbean feel of the track. From here, we are introduced to the AFL commentary of Lance Franklin’s Goal of The Year against Essendon in 2010 which surprisingly sits perfectly in the mix with the tropical soundscape. Jones has captured the emotional essence of the sampled commentary, and shown off his production chops with precise techniques coming into play to meet the climatic points of both the song and the sample together.

‘She’s On The Surf Coast’ acts as the intermission of the EP, being a clever little breakdown in intensity that is carried through Flamingo Jones’ harmonised melodies that leads into the final jungle filled delight ‘The Island Does Crazy Things’. The track commences with a Caribbean themed arpeggio, that quickly leads into an intensified drumming pattern heightened through the reverbed claps. It is physically impossible not to lose yourself to the groove that is created in the middle of the track through the addition of the steel drums to the mix. The rainforest soundscape is further evident with carefully placed animal samples that float around in the background which are carefully manipulated in cohesion with the instrumentation of the track.

‘Lazers In The Jungle’ highlights how Flamingo Jones has further honed in on his interesting take on the tropical dance realm, and will see true appreciation in the summer months where these tracks will be at the forefront of many beach parties.

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author: Chris Salce

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