San Fran’s clayjay is back this week with quite an awesome little treat called ‘Ride’ which has him working with Canadian rapper TOBi for his mad vocal skills, and together with clayjay’s bright, uplifting electro/hip-hop beats they’ve delivered quite an infectious track that’ll easily have you bouncing around and singing along “oooo oooo” “ahhh ahhh”.

This track actually makes me think of ‘Roses’ by OutKast, and that’s definitely a good thing.

“My production process usually begins with finding a strange sound that you would never expect to fit into a song. I almost view it as a challenge to take the weirdest sounds I can think of, and make them seamlessly fit into my production. This could mean turning something into a percussive sound or finding something with more of a pitch to it and turning this into a playable instrument.” – clayjay

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