Last week Melbourne newcomer Cassettes For Kids shared two new tracks with us called ‘One Day’ and ‘Claw It Away’, which are sure to push some of the right buttons in a few of you.

‘One Day’ is an five and a half minute infectious house jam that just sucks you right in with its warm dancey beats and smooth grooves. I can see this one being quite a euphoric dancefloor track, but also a very fun bouncy get-pumped tune for the outdoor festivals.

‘Claw It Away’ is more of a club scene kinda tune with its throbbing dance beat, repetitive vocal loops and that hypnotic warbling synth.

“using the vocals as less of a driver of the song but instead just another washed out instrument that creates the whole picture. I never really listen to lyrics and focus more on the attitude or the tone of the voice and how that fills the song.” – Cassettes For Kids 

‘Claw It Away EP’ is available everywhere now via Gateway Music.

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