Recently we were treated to an inspiring new single called ‘What Does It Matter’ by a Los Angeles based artist who goes by the name BAER, which also came with news of her next ep ‘The Pink Formosa’ being released in November.

Lucky for us BAER has another ep-preview to share with us this week called ‘River’, and this one also comes with a Drew Kirsch directed music video which captures the styles of East & West, and also sets the aesthetic scene that BAER hopes to create with ‘The Pink Formosa EP’.

“The lyrics use ‘the river’ as a metaphor to describe a meeting place between an ex-lover and I, which also refers to somewhere on my body…you get the idea 😉 Using the concept of the water and the river, I took imagery from the famous Chinese poet, Li Bai, from his poem about sending off an old friend at the river. I also took inspiration from an ancient Chinese folklore and tried to create a fantastical imagery in the bridge of the song.” – BAER

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