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I really enjoy what British electronic duo AQUILO bring to the table, and it is super exciting to hear some fresh music from them.

Earlier in the year we brought you their ‘Silhouettes Trilogy’, which was a beautiful collection of cinematic videos and music releases.

Today, they have dropped their latest track ‘Thin’ and announced the upcoming release of a project called ii, which will be released in two halves; Side A coming next month and Side B to follow in 2018. The five tracks on Side A of ii form half of AQUILO’s second album; the rest will appear on Side B.

“We’re doing things differently. Streaming has changed how we all consume music. We still love the album format, but it definitely needs updating. Releasing an album in two halves is our way of doing that,” Ben said.

‘Thin’ is a truly mesmerising track, opening with a soft acoustic guitar melody and Tom’s buttery vocals. As the track builds to an African percussion of homemade sounds, you kind of get that ‘Circle of Life’ feeling.

“Instead of using sample packs, we played around with sounds we created ourselves. We’d slap a guitar with our hands or record pen clicks on a crappy microphone and sample those. For the percussion on ‘Thin’, we hit wine glasses with different levels of liquid inside. Every song is built from original sounds so each has its own personality,” Tom said.

The track holds a really special place in the duo’s heart and is a dedication to their close friend.

“Thin’ was written about a friend of ours who was going through a terrible time. It’s a real close to home song. We’d been away playing shows and when we came back, we could tell how much he’d changed. We tried to capture the guilt we felt at not being able to help,” Tom said.

Press play on this wondrous work of original productions and vocals, and get ready for “ii”. I can’t wait!

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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