Jbox – ‘The Way I Live a Life’ 44 Ardent – intothedeep (ep) Mall Grab – What I Breathe (LP) Acid Stag Radio cln – Into The Night (feat. Eilish Gilligan) ODESZA – The Last Goodbye (LP)

New York producer Animal Feelings teams up with Sydney’s own Thief to bring forth an ambient slow burner in ‘Falling’, combining both organic and electronic composition to create an impressive piece centred on an impassioned context.

‘Falling’ allows for the perfect podium to showcase the vocal chops of Thief, whether that be through the raspy low end or the haunting reverbed falsetto that provide moments of intrigue and colour to the duration of the song. As well as this, Animal Feelings uses clever production techniques to ensure the minimalistic nature of the mix is maintained till the end, whether that be through isolation of the grand piano or the crisp additions of the electronic elements through the chorus.

Animal Feelings’ ‘Soft Touches EP’ will be seeing its release very soon via Tinted Records.

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author: Chris Salce

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