24 is a new creative collective from the Gold Coast, made up of four filmmaking friends – Harry Deadman (aka Daily Holla), Jesse lane, Liam Blenkinsop & Max McKay – who all share a passion for shooting grainy, gritty, textured film, so they joined forces to create a space for high quality visual content in both film & photography.

They decided they wanted to launch a series of behind the scenes film content for musicians, as a way to showcase what people already know about them, but also take the audience deeper into what these artists are all about.

This week the 24 crew are excited to share the very first episode of “Volume 01”, which was shot on Super 8mm film around Brisbane, taking us into the world of Australian songwriter/producer Golden Vessel.

“The first thing we shot with Golden Vessel was him playing a stripped back version of his track “Tell The Girl”. Within a few minutes we were all crowded around his piano doing our thing. Jesse was filming, Max was shooting super 8mm, Liam was snapping 35mm & Polaroids, and I was trying to feel involved by recording some audio.

At the end, all four of us let out a shriek of excitement. I think Golden Vessel was a bit like, “Oh no, who are these people?” We were all failing to hide our excitement about how awesome it was shooting this one moment on all these different formats, and after a whole night of shooting we knew this is exactly what we wanted to do.” – Harry Deadman

Stay tuned for more “Volume 01” episodes over the coming months starring Antonia Gauci, Godriguez, Baro and Woodes, and before you go anywhere take a look at the recent music video the 24 crew created for Golden Vessel’s new ep single ‘Less~More’ featuring OKBADLANDS.