Willaris. K has released two new tracks this week called ‘River Song’ and ‘Dour Nights’, alongside an intensely captivating short-film that is soundtracked by his entire three-track catalogue.

Shot over three days in the NSW countryside by Yeoseop Yoon and Willaris. K, the film tells the story of the intense relationship between a father and son, while also following the idea that transformations need an agent; ‘Alchemy’ is a chemical change, ‘River Song’ represents a tidal change, and ‘Dour Nights’ represents a disguised change.

“Doür Nights, as represented in the film is the feeling of that moment you let go of whatever it may be holding you back. It has come through many forms and it’s definitely taken the longest out of any other track to finish. River Song is basically a live, one take iPhone recording. You can actually hear me whisper to myself “Don’t fuck it up” in there somewhere. It is the turning point emotionally in the video.” – Willaris. K 

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