We featured a track last Friday called ‘The Feeling Wasn’t Mutual’ by Los Angles duo TastyTreat, which saw them teaming up with rising US producer and good friend Dead Robot.

While that track is still very much doing its thing and going hard at it, TastyTreat have decided to drop another great new tune. This one is called ‘Summer (Don’t Go)’, it features the vocal rap work of Quebec artist Wasiu, and it’s based around the fear of letting the summer slip through your fingers – lucky for us Aussies we can heed these words and aim to cherish every moment of the summer that is just about to begin!

“We had this beat that we made just messing around one day that we weren’t quite sure what to do with. It sat in private mode on our Soundcloud for almost a year. We sent it to a producer friend of ours and he had a vocalist Wasiu that was stoked on it. His vibe was perfect for the song and being from Montreal he always is thinking about the West Coast weather, so it all just kind of came together.” – TastyTreat

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