You may have heard of Brisbane newcomer Oscar Oscar recently with a very impressive debut single he released called ‘Hey Ho’, a track that got many eyes looking in his direction and many of us waiting to see what else he had up his sleeve.

Oscar Oscar returns this week with his next release ‘See Myself’, and it certainly does not disappoint. This is a warm, brooding, daydream-like experience of melodic electronica that was written during a busy work-week when Oscar Oscar started to get ill, and lacked any sort of motivation.

“I couldn’t really find much time or motivation for intimate relationships or passions, and I was just kind of finding myself depleted and lazy after work. I guess this was me making sense of that situation and just observing myself,” he said.

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‘See Myself’ is available everywhere now via Majestic Casual Records, and before you go anywhere, let’s revisit the his recent debut single ‘Hey Ho’.

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