Who said boys don’t dance? Ugh. Shame on you.

Male dancers are quite honestly in a league of their own and while I’m certainly not putting the three amigos that make up LANY into the category of professional male dancers, I am applauding them on their bravery and artistic spirit to bring their music to life through this visual medium.

Set in a studio coloured with bright lights is the music video for ‘Super Far’, one of the top tracks off their recent self-titled debut album. I’m calling this the reinvented ‘Single Ladies’ video because with choreography as freeing as this, fans will be copying their every move the next time they see them live.

This video just brings a smile to your face because you can tell they worked really hard to nail the contemporary dance choreography, and whether they had solo or group moments, they executed it with confidence and charm.

I love a good dance based music video so I say good on you boys. More of this creative artistry please!

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author: Kara Bertoncini