California-based Gold Coast producer Kronic has a gigantic new single to share with us this week called ‘Restricted’, featuring the powerful voice of Los Angeles artist Evan Ross.

The phrase “Tell me just how you like it” came to Kronic at 4am in a hotel after a big night of “gathering inspiration”, and the song itself just just fell into place soon after. The problem then was finding the right person to tackle the vocals..

The first person that came to mind was Evan Ross, as he just knew he had the vocal range and tone to execute the song exactly the way he heard it in his head. He also knew he’d be a hard man to pin down but they did manage to get together, and the rest is history.

“When I played him the song, Evan immediately started dancing and coming up with extra melodies. He made ‘Restricted’ his own and took the song to a more Michael Jackson-esque place than I had originally intended; all for the better.” – Kronic

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‘Restricted’ is available everywhere now via Sup Girl.

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