Hey world, have you heard of imbi the girl yet?……if that’s a ‘no” then I’m happy to be the one to change that for you, and if it’s a “yes”, well you already know what you’re here for.

imbi the girl is a pretty fresh 20 year-old hip-hop artist from Bondi Beach Australia who has her second single to share with us this week titled ‘V.I.P.’, which has been produced by Sydney beat-maker DeliPres, and has such a nicely chilled electro hip-hop sound for us all to cuddle up to – I reckon we’ll be seeing quite a bit of imbi the girl over the coming months!

“V.I.P. is a shameless expression of sexual empowerment and an ode to the human body in all it’s imperfectly delicious glory.” – imbi the girl

And if you missed it recently, here’s the music video for her very impressive debut single ‘acidic’.

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