Having cleared her social media accounts of anything pre-April 2017, we knew something big was coming…

George Maple has been making some serious waves over in Europe this past year, and has clearly been a busy gal. Now that she’s back on home soil, Maple is about to unleash what she’s been working on, and what better way to do that than with a new song, as well as the official announcement of her debut album, “Lover”.

The first cut off her debut record is ‘Hero’. Upon releasing this, Maple made a pretty profound statement detailing the importance and significance of this video to her.

“This video is an exploration of the strength that can be found in vulnerability. This song means so much to me and the process of this video was not only a cathartic experience but a huge turning point of acceptance.

I have lost a number of people very close to me in my life and my coping mechanism has been to bury the pain and sadness to “stay strong and positive”, and never show weakness. I would often wonder why these intense bursts of emotion would overpower me particularly in intimate or stressful situations. Why I would end up running away, self-sabotaging or treating ones I loved as though they were the enemy. Turns out, like so many, I was afraid of what it would feel like when the dust settled,” she said.

The overall concept of this video is a powerful look at how movement can be freeing but at the same time, restricting. Sure, Maple looks phenomenal in her disco ball leotard, but it’s her emotional storytelling through dance that really takes it to another level.

“During the second half of the video you will view a scene where I am harnessed to a rope, trying to break free, paying homage to the extraordinary Pina Bausch. Whilst performing I stepped back into many painful memories and let go of the emotional residue. It was raw. I was genuinely struggling; there is no acting. Every time the harness would push into my ribs I would feel a sense of release. It was like movement therapy,” she said.

Not only is this a step forward in Maple’s artistry, but I really think she has found her voice. No longer is she playing with auto tune; she’s confidently sharing her stories and honestly, I can only imagine what this album is going to bring. I am so excited for this George Maple new chapter, and I’m chomping at the bit to see and hear this album.

To end, some wise words by Ms Maple: “Be kind to yourselves and each other. Everyone is just doing the best they can.” Hear hear lady!

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author: Kara Bertoncini