Melbourne artist elkkle has had a pretty decent year so far; he co-wrote the huge Golden Vessel track ‘Shoulders’ which also featured Mallrat, and is currently on high-rotation on Triple J. He then released his own incredible new single ‘Diderot’ which scored him loads more attention both here and overseas, and then soon after that he hit the road with Golden Vessel on his east coast “Shoulders Tour”….and he’s not stopping there folks!

elkkle is now planning the release of his debut solo ep, and this week he’s ready to give us a little taste of that with his brand new single ‘Frails’, which is also making an appearance on Kitsuné’s latest ‘Hot Stream’ collection.

If you were lucky enough to catch elkkle on the above “Shoulders Tour”, you would easily remember this song because he performed it with so much passion and emotion, it’s not an easy song to forget – and that’s definitely a positive!

“‘Frails’ is about the relationship between mental and physical health. Sometimes when one begins to slip, it’s very easy to let it drag the other one down. It describes feelings of fragility, hopelessness, and isolation. Albeit with a desire to be better. iIt’s all very grim, but I guess the last line is kind of poking fun at how temporary those feelings can be, despite how serious they seem at the time.” – elkkle

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‘Frails’ is available everywhere now via Spotify & iTunes/Apple Music, but before you go anywhere, let’s revisit the stunning video for the above mentioned single ‘Diderot’.

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