I’d never heard of Los Angeles producer D33J until recently when Baths featured on one of his tracks called ‘Wisp‘, and through that I learnt there was a debut album on the way from D33J, and have been keeping my eyes peeled since.

That album has now been released, it’s called “Death Valley Oasis” and it is a very impressive 10-track collection of ambient, futuristic RnB, atmospheric electronic tunes that are so very easy to enjoy.

In addition to Baths there are a few other guest appearances on ‘Death Valley Oasis’ from Deradoorian and a double-header track with Corbin and Shlohmo (who he is currently on tour with), and boy oh boy do all three of those tracks sound cool.

Pretty safe to say that I’ll be putting this album to good use over the summer – thanks D33J!

‘Death Valley Oasis’ is available everywhere now via Anticon.

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