With a career that spans 15 years, Cut Copy has undoubtedly become one of Australia’s greatest electronic groups. Today, they release their fifth studio album ‘Haiku From Zero’ and it is a wonderful sonic exploration into what we have all come to know and love about them.

Given this is the band’s first album in five years there can be a little pressure to fulfil people’s expectations; even their own for that matter. Rest assured people, this eight-track body of work stays true to their disco-electronic vibes, and finds a really nice overarching theme of sonic diversity.

The album is produced by Ben Allen and incredibly, was written and recorded in studios around the world including the band’s hometown of Melbourne, as well as Copenhagen, Washington DC, New York and Atlanta. While their distinct sounds come to the forefront, they have really played around with some musical inspiration from The Avalanches and Jamiroquai, especially on track one ‘Counting Down’.

As a teaser for the record, the band released ‘Black Rainbows’ which is a happy-go-lucky kind of track, and previously released track ‘Airborne’ fits in nicely at the halfway point of the album. ‘Stars Last Me A Lifetime’ bring forward a more rock edge while still maintaining their distinct sound, but interesting to note, the final track of the album ‘Tied To The Weather’ gives this unfinished feeling and a sort of to be continued vibe. There’s a resounding build that leaves me wanting more, and who knows, there could be a part two. Here’s hoping.

There’s a real sense of euphoria that comes through this album and whether that’s a reflection of the band’s continued passion after 15 years, or their ability to stay true to their musical beliefs, I’m not sure. But the finesse in their overall productions, concepts and storytelling has not gone unnoticed, and it is a real testament to their legacy.

Cut Copy are ready to hit the summer festival circuit including appearances at Beyond the Valley and Lost Paradise. What perfect timing for all you fans out there to hear their new music live. Imagine the full lighting rigs and huge sound systems. I’m ready to get down and dance. Are you?

Rating: ★★★★

“Haiku From Zero” is available everywhere now via EMI / Astralwerks.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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