If their Splendour in the Grass set didn’t blow your socks off, I don’t know what will? Client Liaison have very much become a part of the musical imprint in Australia, especially since having our golden girl Tina Arena join them on stage for their collab track, ‘Foreign Affair’.

Today, the boys and Ms Arena dropped the visuals to this powerful track and holy mother of pearl! It is fucking fantastic darling!

Directed by Tim White is a video that brings all of the nostalgia to the good ol’ days. Who remembers Ansett, one of the first Australian airlines? Well, this video pays homage to that airline in the most retro of ways.

You get the full shebang with this one. You get a sexy Tina Arena with a token red scarf and red lippy as an airline passenger, then she’ll give you a sultry smoky eye as she wafts in the clouds. #StopIt Don’t even get me started on the split screens and cross fades #Ded.

Basically, this is a love story on many levels; a love between people and a love for our beloved Ansett. The ending is divine as we get a real “Love Actually” montage of happy welcome homes at the airport. This video just gets better and better with each watch. I actually am calling this one of the best Australian music videos of 2017.

One thing I think most Australians will agree on is that Client Liaison break the boundaries and dare to be different. This video has also got me thinking; can they actually write and create the new in flight guidelines video for one of our major airlines? This is pretty much it, but I want more!

Soak up all the cheesy moments of this video and watch it closely. It’s a trip down memory lane and you’ll love every second of it.

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author: Kara Bertoncini

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