It’s been a while since we last heard from San Fran artist clayjay but he is back this week with quite an impressive release to share with us which was in-fact inspired by smashing two rocks together…

It’s called ‘Stone (All That)’ and it features the gorgeous voice of UK songstress Tyne, and if you’re into the kind of chilled, bouncy, electro cruise tunes, then this will be right up your alley. It’s the sort of track you can have on repeat for days and still not get over it.

“Inspiration from the track all started with a recording I had of me hitting a rock against another rock (hence the name stone). It’s that snappy, snare sound that you hear in the first verse and chorus of the track. For every single one of my tracks I always try to incorporate various sounds from nature, and turn them into percussion or even instruments. I built the rest of the snappy percussion around that sound, and then built out the melody and rest of the track from there. Since the beginning of the production, I always sensed a cold, icy tone to the song, and Tyne’s airy vocals complimented that perfectly.” – clayjay

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