Sydney producer Third Floor returns this week with his first new single in almost 12 months, and it’s not going to be his last for quite some time.

It’s called ‘Oceans’ and it is a glorious dance-house treat that is going to get you moving and grooving all over the place. Its silky infectious beats and deep funky bass will make you feel like you’re floating across the top of the clouds with nothing but blue skies and sunshine in sight, all the while Sydney artist Deutsch Duke woos us with his smooth soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics that tell a much darker tale.

“This year I have been recovering from an Autoimmune Disorder which had me undergo major surgery with a further two to go. I wrote this track during a time of emotional turmoil and hospitalisation, and is a reflection of my headspace at the time. Those experiences had Dennis Dowlut (aka Deutsch Duke) co-write this track with me. He helped with projecting the feelings I was experiencing at the time and gave me a platform to voice all those unsaid words.” – Third Floor

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‘Oceans’ will be available via Spotify & iTunes on August 3rd.

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