Last month Montreal-based producer Smileswithteeth released quite an impressive ep called ‘Suddenly Constantly’, which has been on high-rotation over here for the last week or so – a bit late I know, but sometimes it just takes some time to get around to certain things!

The ep’s tracks are dreamy, atmospheric and quite beautiful, and when you hear that it was inspired by a trip to Iceland, you can totally feel those influences in his songwriting & production.

“I broke up with my girlfriend, who my upcoming EP ‘Suddenly Constantly’ is about/for, a couple weeks ago, almost exactly a year after taking the terrible trip that sparked these four songs in the first place. It’s hard to care for someone without hurting them, and it’s hard to build back trust that was lost. But the reward for doing so is incredible, overwhelming, beautiful, sudden and constant.” – Smileswithteeth

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