‘So I’m Gone’ is the brand new single from 18 year-old Delhi-born/NYC-based producer Ruchir, and it’s doing all kinds of nice things to my ears right now.

He’s teamed up with NGO and Croosh to help bring this great track to life, as they blend elements of future-bass and electro-trap with soulful, electro-RnB sounds, and there’s even a hint of Bollywood in there as well – the result is sure to get you in all the right places

“This song for me was super important because it really helped me come to my own. it helped me merge the 3 genres i adore; electronic, rnb & hip hop. also love that the song crosses over not only between genres, but cultures, there’s aspects in the songs that are drawn from bollywood, middle eastern sounds and so much more. i truly want to make layered and dramatic music that brings worlds together. can’t wait to build this vision with you.” – Ruchir

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