Back in December we featured a track called ‘Unicron Loev’ by an artist known as Raleigh Ritchie, who most of us know better as Grey Worm from Game of Thrones, and while we’re all pulling ourselves together after the season finale this week, Raleigh Ritchie has returned with TWO awesome new electro-RnB tunes.

First up is the smooth, bright, comforting sounds of ‘Lonely Summer’, which is being released in collaboration with a clothing brand called Napapijri, who are supposedly famous for their legendary “Rainforest” jacket.

Jackets aside, this man’s voice will make you melt, and will get you in all the right kinda moods….if you’re picking up what I’m putting down 😛

The second is the darker, moodier, electro-RnB sounds of ‘The River’, which has him once again working with UK producer Chris Loco, to help get this track to where he needed it to be – keep em coming Raleigh!

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