Australian duo PLGRMS have us ‘Crawling Back’ for more music with their newest release on Sony Music Australia.

Comparable to rock veterans like Muse and The Killers, PLGRMS have created a timeless piece with their heavenly vocals and guitar heavy arrangement. This expert fusion of indie electronic and alternative rock creates a seaside environment like no other. Take out your swim shorts and add this to your tanning playlist.

With over 5 million streams Spotify, we can safely say their music has reached a wide audience with more fans in the making as the duo releases one single after the other.

“Musically, aside from a few minor changes, it remains pretty much the same. Lyrically however, it’s gone through a few transmutations. Where previous singles have landed more on the electronic end of the spectrum, ‘Crawling Back’ is more organic in its instrumentation. It still retains things that make it obviously PLGRMS, but it’s more live and “band” sounding than prior releases.” – PLGRMS

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author: Jared Rapoza