To be honest, Peter Kuli makes it rain with the sauce with everything from classic lo-fi for the best times (and the worst) or for when you find our your crush is falling for you.

While I felt the urge to plug every track title from his debut EP, “Lust”, this upcoming act has already seen support from the likes of major YouTuber Casey Neistat among other established creators through his 3 year career. His track featuring vocalist ‘knowuh’ sends chilly vibes down your spine as the mystic guitar sends you into the woods around Walden Pond in New England.

“This is the first time I’ve made songs that have stories to them. I feel like there are so many times where people release EPs and they’re just a collection of demos they had lying around with no real through line. “Lust” is almost a journal. A journal about where I’ve been over the past year. I did everything that I could to just be myself when making this project and I think that honesty has resonated with a lot of people” – Peter

These masterpieces are for those times when you and your close knit circle of friends are around the campfire on a breezy summer night and want to gaze into the sky and see the stars sparkle in the moonlight. Make way for Peter Kuli, the 17 year old up and coming lo-fi star of 2017

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author: Jared Rapoza

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