MORILLA is an artist out of Sydney who most of you would know better as one-half of disco-house duo Midnight Pool Party, and I am very excited to be premiering his debut solo single today. It’s called ‘Impossible’ and it has such a smooth, sensual, electro-RnB groove that is so damn easy to slide into.

MORILLA teamed up with his Mammal Sounds management buddy cln for his impeccable production & mixing skills, and together they’ve delivered something that MORILLA is so very proud of, as he shares his experiences of falling in love with another man, and hopefully showing that is love is no different to any other relationship.

“‘Impossible’ is about putting your all into a relationship, but not knowing how the other person feels or knows what they want. As a gay man, I think one of the most important things for the ‘equality’ movement is visibility. The experiences and emotions I was experiencing were real when I was writing this song. I wanted people to know that I wrote this song when I was falling in love with another man, and show that what I experience as a gay man is no different to any other relationship. I wanted to stay true to myself and write about my experiences,” – MORILLA

‘Impossible’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & iTunes.

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