Norwegian producer Marius brings forth an emphatic release in ‘Existence Problem’, delving into an obscure dimension full of colour and a crafty mix of organic and electronic instrumentation which tests the boundaries with quite impressive results.

The track builds from humble beginnings with recurring keys combined with splashes of sampled vocals, that builds through the grooving percussion and leads to a Flume-like change of pace in the chorus. The theme of the release moves towards a more ‘off-kilter’ vibe from here, with varying electronic elements coming in and out of the mix, and an impressive bass cutting through to provide some impressive backbone.

Significant amounts of synth are layered upon the ‘inconsistency’ soundscape towards the ending of the piece, highlighting the attention to detail placed in the production of ‘Existence Problem’ to truly capture the essence of imagination and take a further stake in the ever-changing dimensions of electronic music.

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author: Chris Salce