DROELOE have been teasing this new ep for quite some time now, and lucky for us the wait is finally over.

‘A Moment In Time EP’ begins with the nostalgic sounds of ‘Back When (1997)’, before taking us on a journey through five memorable electronic tunes that take us to ‘Just Now (2017).

The boys wanted to tell a story across a body of work that would hopefully connect with people in some particular way, and I reckon they’ve done quite an impressive job of just that – this ep could easily be the soundtrack to most of our lives during that time….if you were actually alive then of course!

“The concept of the EP revolved around us wanting to tell a broader story than we have in the past by putting out one cohesive body of work instead of just singles. We tried to tell a full story both musically but also using the visual elements such as the artwork and the overall aesthetic. To us, the EP represents a story of our journey from ‘1997’ until ‘just now’ so to speak and we hope it speaks to you in a way that you understand our story!” – DROELOE

“A Moment In Time” is available everywhere now via bitbird.

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