Over the last few months, Gold Coast producer Daily Holla has been teasing the release of his forthcoming second ep ‘the HYPERCOLOUR collection’, with a few of its tracks ‘Yolngu, ‘Waves’ and ‘Footsteps’, and this week he’s ready to share the entire collection with us.

‘the HYPERCOLOUR collection’ has been in the works for around 18 months, perfection does take time, and Daily Holla sure has impressed my ears as he explores the depths of his sound & style, working with an assortment of fluidic synths, bouncing electro-groove beats and ear-worming vocals of J-Fitz and Joy & Sparks.

“It’s quite cool listening to your own music that you’ve given the time to grow into itself. I’m really happy that the EP is finally off my computer and out into the world; I can close this chapter and move on to something new,” he said.

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Two of the ep’s lead-singles, ‘Yolngu’ and ‘Waves’, both had accompanying music videos, but leaving ‘Footsteps’ high & dry until now. Directed by Liam Blenkinsop it is a grainy and visually intense short-film with a storyline that follows a drunken man and a hooker – and what an ending too!

“Super 8mm has always been associated with home movies and shaky handheld footage. We were keen to put super 8’s on dollies and gimbals so we could get a look that you wouldn’t normally see on super 8mm films. Liam came up with a story and I had ‘Footsteps’ so we were like let’s actually shoot a music video all on super 8mm.” – Daily Holla

“the HYPERCOLOUR collection” is available everywhere now including Soundcloud, Spotify & iTunes.

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