Australian artist Akurei returns this week with a dreamy new track called ‘Floating’, which features the guest vocal work of Melbourne-based rapper and long-time friend Nico Ghost, and it’s sure to get you feeling all warm & gooey with its smooth electro-RnB vibes.

“Floating is a song about trying to fall asleep after waking in the middle of the night. Lyrically, it covers a sleepless night trying to find some form of closure or clarity.” – Akurei

Also helping out on the track’s production is Akurei’s good buddy Golden Vessel, who’s responsible for those spongy, melodic, atmospheric beats.

“I worked on the song with Max (Golden Vessel) while he lived with me for two months. It was really fun because we were living together and hanging out almost every day. We mainly ate a lot of Hummus and watched a lot of ‘Peep Show’ but we did manage to put this track together.” – Akurei

mixed by Tristan Hoogland
promoted by Mammal Sounds

‘Floating’ is available everywhere today including Spotify & iTunes, and while you’re there be sure to catch up on his recent debut single, ‘Hinterland’.

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