Boo Seeka – ‘Never Too Soon’ [LP Review + Stream]

Australian Indie electronic sweethearts Boo Seeka impress with their pleasing debut, “Never Too Soon”. Wielding a consistent and enjoyable 11-track album and an impressive touring schedule (click artwork below for more details), Boo Seeka confirm their status as bonafide Australian touring veterans.

“Never Too Soon” is top to bottom a great listen and negative connotations aside, this album is a testament to keeping things simple.

It’s always been a mainstay of my personal taste, as well as a characteristic of the current musical climate, to go for interesting instead of impressive (Lorde or Amy Shark). It takes mountains of talent to make a song interesting and relatable. Even more so on the first listen.

From the start, “Does This Last” brings that instant translation of vibe that Boo Seeka do so well Although, some of the more dragging moments of the album may consist on this track. Leading into the strong hook power of “Humans” and “Argo Misty”, then into “Gold Sail”, it feels like the album builds and becomes more confident.

The Album puts a more RnB flavour on with “Turn Up Your Light”, and juggernaut single “Oh My”. Then breaks into a less Boo Seeka but still catchy track with “Calling Out” which feels a little more like a Kilter track, however great none the less.

“Never Too Soon” then rounds out with a driving and pocket sitting “You and Me”. Which brings big vibes of their previous track “Deception Bay”, and a chugging and soulful “Calm Symphony”.

Boo Seeka’s debut is exactly what i would expect from a band that have been consistent since day 1 of their careers. They’ve set the bar high which i think they’ll be fine with.

Rating: ★★★☆

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author: Hobey Bennett

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