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Last week, music industry supported campaign Your Choice launched to the world. It aims to address the growing cultural issues around behaviour and the lack of personal accountability within Australian venues and event spaces.

It is becoming far too often where the conversation of a gig or festival experience has turned to that of negativity or heartache. With this new initiative, shared accountability is at the helm between event organisers/venue owners and patrons.

The motto is:

Your choice = Our experience.
Our choice = Your experience.
Everyone is Responsible – venues, festivals, events, and you.

The goal of Your Choice is to influence and inspire change, and bring back that notion of positive behaviour. Seems silly to think this needs to be spelled out, but it does seem that way.

Your Choice believe that:
1. Everyone has the right to a good time, without the actions of the minority coming at personal and/or public expense. We want to see an inclusive, supportive, safe, fun time had by all.
2. Both organisers and patrons share responsibility in creating the safest and most enjoyable experience.
3. Our culture today demands a preventative conversation, not a reactive one. We want to start by focusing attention and growing awareness on what is acceptable and expected behaviour, not just telling people to be wary and vigilant, or providing reactive solutions after the fact.
4. As a society, we all have a responsibility to encourage people to think harder about the impact their choices have on the wider community and we need to be vocal about this, calling it out when we see it.
5. Efforts are required today to ensure our industry is protected and can continue to nurture the ideas of young cultural entrepreneurs and give young artists a space to develop and grow.

It’s basically a zero-tolerance policy around expected and accepted behaviour with a lot a lot of work being done by the VIC Sexual Assault Task Force, Listen, and Camp Cope’s It Takes One.

Today, Your Choice is asking all its supporters to change their social media profile photos to the Your Choice logo to highlight the importance of safety, respect and fostering a better, more positive culture.

Jump on board and show your solidarity to what is fast becoming a movement – with artists and industry people alike – that is making some serious waves – you can download the logo here

For more information on what steps are being taken, how you can be involved, or how you can add your voice, head to their website.

In the words of Neil Armstrong, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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