RAC fans are probably all over this by now but it has taken me a few days to actually get around to checking it out, and now that I have, I am excited to share it with the rest of you.

The long-awaited album No.2 from Portland producer RAC has landed, it’s called ‘EGO’ and it is a whopping 14-track collection of some of his best recordings to date. It’s fun, playful, moving and energetic. It’ll touch you in all the right places, and perhaps even in some you never knew you had.

Shout-out to all of his guest vocalists KNA, Rivers Cuomo, Chaos Chaos, MNDR, Rostam, Joywave, St. Lucia, Scavenger Hunt, Pink Feathers, Jordan Corey, K.Flay, ALICE MK and Karl Kling for helping make this album happen!

‘EGO’ is available now via Ninja Tune.

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