Los Angeles based musician Phil Good returns from a powerful collaboration with K?D with his track ‘I Miss You’, just as beach season rolls in.

This new single only further establishes his signature indie sound and will carry him further in his musical journey. With support from Thissongissick and millions of streams on his last release, it’s no surprise to us that Phil’s newest tune will explode in popularity once again.

This heart aching song is surely just another brick on the sidewalk Phil is leading us through, with emotion oozing from the cracks.

“I Miss You is the first song in a while that just poured out of me. I wrote it during a visit home last Christmas on one of my best friends’ couch while looking out at a pretty incredible wintery view of Portland. Everything was movie-perfect except for the fact that the love of my life with was not there with me. I think writing and producing this song really helped me better understand this project and pave a clearer path of the future of Phil Good and the type of catchy-but-not-too-happy music I want to make.” -Phil Good

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author: Jared Rapoza

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