After ‘Higher Ground’ was leaked early, Mills and Knight of Odesza decided to release it as quickly as possible themselves so that everyone could hear it. After just the first listen, the duo’s stellar production with vocalist Naomi Wild’s top line keeps you reeled into their indie charm. Once you’ve repeated the track a fifth time around, your mood is elevated to a true place of higher ground. A track as meaningful and mature as this is sure to strike a chord in even the lowest of places.

Accompanied with their upcoming album ‘A Moment Apart’ to be released on September 8th (pre-order here), Odesza plan to tour through parts of Oceania, Europe, and the United States. With stops in Auckland, Sydney, London, Los Angeles, and New York, Mills and Knight will be making sure the majority of their fans yearn to see them live has been satisfied (more tour info here).

“We were on a writing trip out in Lake Chelan, WA when we first heard Naomi’s voice. We started adding rhythm and chords and everything just fell into place. It was one of those rare moments where the song felt like it wrote itself. This is one of our favorite tracks off the album and we’re excited to share it with you.” – Odesza

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author: Jared Rapoza

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