Motez brings forth an interesting change of pace with his latest single ‘The Future’, which builds from humble and emotive context into a captivating, groove inspired delight that keeps on building throughout the duration of the track.

The song is centred around cleverly mapped out melodies from Antony & Cleopatra, perfectly produced and layered upon each other to add a further layer of atmosphere and space to the soundscape. What stands out within ‘The Future’ is how it seems to ride a constant rise throughout and build momentum through the RnB influenced percussion and the groove that lives within the smooth bassline, which leads into an enticing funk breakdown around the 2:30 mark. Motez cleverly rounds out the track with a head bopping momentum that cleverly combines all the previously mentioned elements into a clever blend of RnB, Funk and Soul.

Fans can catch Motez on his ‘The Future’ tour in North America throughout August, and an Australian tour throughout September – see all dates below and then click the banner for further details

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author: Chris Salce

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