Leisure Suite come to mind when I think of groovy, laid back indie electronic music from Oceania. Premiered by Red Bull Music, ‘Shut Down’ brings to light the subtle imbalance still remaining between men and women in social regards. Vocalist Bridgette Le’s soft and R&B reminiscent vocals are the icing to the cake, that being producer Mitchell Wood’s advanced and mature production.

Having received heavy recognition from the likes of GL, Alpine, Andreas & Oscar and Fortunes, Leisure Suite have a bright future ahead with their provocative lyrics and skillfully composed instrumentals. This kind of support has only motivated Le and Wood to put a heap of emotion into their live sets.

“I was sick of being surrounded by the types of men who treat women as disposable because they think they’re more worthy or hold higher social status. I wanted to shut them up or as the song says, shut them down.” – Bridgette Le

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author: Jared Rapoza

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