Brooklyn based duo The Golden Pony offer up the perfect addition to your summer playlist in ‘Spark’, a track that cleverly combines the “Tropicana-pop” influence with the emotive vocals of Dasha Akelin within a concise 3-minute duration.

The track builds from humble beginnings of an echoing piano combined with restrained percussion to allow Dasha’s vocals to set the landscape of the piece. The presence of synth bleeds through the latter half of the introduction to bring forth that poolside feel to the chorus, transcending the track via the dance-filled groove in the drums and sampled vocals adding splashes of colour.

The Golden Pony add a point of difference to pull the track back through a contemplative breakdown centred around the soulful melodies of Dasha Akelin, combined with an influence of electric guitar and bass which leads into one final dance bracket to round out the track.

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author: Chris Salce