‘Bad Decisions’ is like a whisper in place of a loud noise. While many of the sounds you hear in it belong to the vocabulary of EDM, Montréal producer Frame handles them with a velvet touch, allowing the song to glide rather than to explode.

The track starts off with bright and dreamy synthesisers. The sound of children playing floats in through an open window, vocalist Bijou sounds utterly carefree as her voice slips into the song. When the song does finally ‘drop’, the effect is one of a studied cool, rather than one of dancefloor ignition; we hear Bijou’s voice separated from her body and contorted into new melodic shapes as the beat steadily keeps the track moving.

The overall feeling of ‘Bad Decisions’ is almost meditative. This is the rare track of this breed of dance music that likely sounds better sat at home than it does in the club. This is a promising track from this French-Canadian newcomer.

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author: Ed Ledsham